You wouldn’t worry so much about what other people think of you if you realized how little they actually did.
"I guess your real game lies not in lies but in manipulation"

Some parts of the song you wrote about me lingered in my head.


wow, you suck!

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I always convince myself we’re better off not being in each others lives because it’s what’s best for you. I was so selfish for so long to keep you here when I could never be yours; the things I did to you I wouldn’t wish on anyone, I can’t even say I didn’t know what I was doing but I couldn’t stop. I was mesmerized by the idea of being loved like every girl wants to be loved, even though I didn’t feel the same. I always say you wanted more than I could give, but I took more than you could give and now it’s changed you into someone I barely recognize. So I tell myself not to talk to you, that even if I did I wouldn’t be talking to MY person anymore. And then I dream about you or someone talks about you or a song comes on that reminds me of you and I wonder how two kindred souls like you and I could possibly stay away from each other. I read the songs you wrote me and wonder if I could have fallen in love if I had really tried, and I’m guilt ridden. And then I distract myself with something else and remind myself how I looked into your eyes and didn’t see you anymore, how rare a glimpse of our bond had been in the months leading up to when I left you behind. But I’ll always think of you, and I’ll always smile.. and maybe cry. Because although not in the way you wanted, I loved you more than I could say.


If you can’t handle being friend zoned then you didn’t deserve to have me in the first place.


There’s nothing that plagues me more than a guy who cannot just stay friends. If I didn’t originally get to know you romantically, 90% of the time it only makes sense to keep it friendly and not force ourselves to go through any transitions that could prove awkward and unsuccessful. Generally I prize my friendships above my love interests, at least until it gets really serious, which takes years for me. If I think of you as a best friend, I would never do anything to jeopardize that; a bumpy attempt at a relationship with an extremely difficult and closed off person (me) which could result in my being hated by someone I care deeply for doesn’t seem like a worthy cause to lose a friendship over. Best friends to me are cemented into my life; my daily routine, my tastes, little things that remind me of the people I consider closest to me. These affections do not mean I am in love with you, they mean I appreciate you and have gotten to know your soul and believe it is compatible with mine. The reason these pairings would never work is because I look for something completely different in a partner than I do in a friend: my friends are people who I believe understand me and are the same as me in one way or another. My partner needs to be somebody who I don’t fully understand, who amazes me with how differently he thinks and can show me a different perspective; someone who balances me out (and lord knows I need balancing). Nothing has hurt me more than having to lose someone because they wanted more from me than I could give to them. I think losing a best friend is worse than losing a boyfriend… 

"I’m a little tired of people romanticizing soulmates. That’s not to say I don’t believe in them, though; I do. But I think your soulmate could be anyone. It could be your best friend, it could be a relative. I’ve heard countless twins say that they’re each other’s soulmate. I’ve seen lifelong best friends admit to it and still be completely platonic. A soulmate isn’t always the love of your life. A soulmate is the one person in this world who understands you completely, someone who is literally convinced you have an emotional and mental bond. It’s someone who would so anything for you without question, someone who truly thinks of you as their other half. Someone who can’t live in a world where you don’t exist, because that would mean they wouldn’t exist. Your soulmate is the person you feel like you’ve always known and clicked with. And sometimes there are people who are born whole, and their soulmate is in the form of utmost certainty in themselves and self-happiness. And they find others just like them and share parts of themselves. Everyone integrates themselves into another person, it’s part of humanity. It just shouldn’t be so romanticized or viewed as fatal attraction. A soulmate is love. Loving a friend, relative, even yourself. There’s nothing fatal about it. And if there is, you’re doing it wrong."
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Why can’t we just enjoy each other’s company without complicating things?

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I don’t get how siblings can also be best friends and tell each other everything. I mean my sister and I cringe when we hug each other

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Literally had to escape back to tumblr because everything I post everywhere else is being watched.


My life, right now.


My life, right now.

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